Update on Router Situation

I have been back and forth with Cisco and they have not been responding with more than try this and try that. I am still working very hard on getting this system fixed but it is taking longer than I want it to. I will post here when I have something better to say about it. I am hoping this week I have an answer from them that will be a fix.

New Years Updates

Hello everyone. I know we have been very quiet here as of late. I am just going to post a few small things that we are working on. We ARE Alive, so do not worry about it. The issue is that we (the staff) all work full time jobs and have many other obligations outside of the shard.

Polaris is still working on the code when he has the time. I hope he will post an update here on what the status of the latest major revision will bring us :)
Nephal is getting back at it, after a short stint of being busier than all getup!
And I am working on the server side issues that have been arising.

There is an issue with the router that the server is behind, and this is causing intermittent disconnections. I understand it is VERY annoying, but I am working on the issue as best I can. I am hoping the issues will all be resolved no later than next week. I will post an update on the status when everything is fixed.

Dedicated Server

You read that right. Last week we moved the server onto a dedicated box. This one has much better speed and stability for the growth of the shard. If you have having troubles logging into the server, hit up Nephal, Polaris or Bolli either here on the forums, by posting a comment here, or hit them up on Skype. We will get you working as best we can. We hope the server move will help with the stability issues that have sometimes hit us and having other machines as backups in case of emergencies will also help. So come join us and have a lot of fun on the new server.

New artifacts are in!


So far we have 8 new suits of armor that are artifacts and much more to come.  I’ll be adding about 1-2 suits per week until we have about 300 new suits with different skill sets and bonuses.  Will be adding new monsters as well as updating the client itself so just want to give everyone a heads up.

More New Items In Process

With Nephal working hard on bringing more artifacts to the playing field, we are also looking at adding a new arrangement of weapons to the field. We are working hard to get this information out to you as quickly as we can. Once these changes are done, who knows what we will think up to add to the game.

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